Owner: The Morgan Library & Museum

Architect: Beyer Blinder Belle Architects

Location: New York, NY

Size: 16,000 SF

JFK&M performed an existing building survey of the electrical infrastructure at the landmark McKim Building at The Morgan Museum at Library, founded as the private library of J.P. Morgan including a review of the existing campus central facilities that serve the library.

The project scope covered a comprehensive condition assessment which noted any code violations and recommendations of remedial action; an assessment of the current condition of the existing electrical and lighting systems; and a review of the existing fire alarm system. The survey explored the existing capacity of the electrical infrastructure and its adequacy for the proposed pro­gramming options being developed. The team prepared several design solutions for the electrical systems based on the proposed programming options from the architect.

As a result of the study and to accommodate the replacement of all the lighting in the Mc­Kim building, JFK&M reconfigured the electrical infrastructure of the building. This in­frastructure redesign and upgrade allowed for a new lighting scheme accenting the historic aspects of this landmark building, including all new lighting controls for optimum effect and energy conservation.