SUCF SUNY Stony Brook University, The UNITI Cultural Center Renovation

Owner : State University of New York

Architect: DI Group Architecture

Location: Stony Brook, NY

Construction Cost: Est. $2,874,000

Size: 3,500 SF

JFK&M is providing full Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection design services in the creation of a new 3,500 SF cultural center for Stony Brook University.

The new facility is to expand on the university’s commitment to promoting diversity through a range of multicultural programs that “develop and accentuate” an existing ethnic population. The center is to integrate a visual representation of this diversity through the design of fixtures, artwork, and digital displays throughout the spaces. Areas include:

  • Reception and welcome entrance
  • Lounge space
  • Conference and meeting rooms with AV capabilities
  • Office and administrative areas
  • Kitchenette
  • Computer lab
  • Art gallery
  • Studio

Repurposing an empty shell space, the team is upgrading the existing MEP systems to support this new program implementing audio/visual components that include digital display surfaces and projection screens.   With added power, new sprinkler/alarm systems, and mechanicals that tie into the building’s existing utilities, the work also includes the preparation of a HVAC rooftop system design to support the installation of a future unit.

Upon completion, The UNITI Cultural Center fulfills the university’s commitment to connect students, faculty, and staff to a range of multicultural programs and allowing diversity programs to flourish in a highly visual environment. The center is committed to connecting Stony Brook students, faculty, and staff through diversity and multicultural programs, social discourse, academic and experiential learning, support services, and advocacy that contribute to a positive campus climate. The Center also serves as a resource for social justice education, community service, and research and assessment about matters related to diversity.