Mizuho, 1251 Avenue of the Americas

Client: Mizuho Corporate Bank

Architect: Kajima

Size: 300,000 SF

Completion Date: 2011

Construction Cost: $35 Million

JFK&M worked with Architect/Contractor, Kajima, on a 300,000-sf restack for Mizuho Corporate Bank in a design-build project located at 1251 Ave of the Americas. The work commenced with a series of due diligence studies, which considered four additional possible locations for relocation: 1 Liberty Plaza, 7 World Trade Center, 11 Times Square, and 125 Broad Street, before settling on renovating the four floors at 1251 Avenue of the Americas.  The work included developing all criteria with the architect along with developing a design for the temporary swing space.

The project included renovation of the 15,000 SF data center and “Tech Suite”, requiring configurations over three days to remain operational.  The batteries were recently replaced for the new UPS system. JFK&M originally wanted to save the existing Liebert UPS equipment series “600” boxes. However, upon being informed by Liebert that these boxes would be phased out over the next two years it was recommended to replace with the two 375KVA UPS Modules, which was completed at a later date, March 2014.