Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, Brooklyn Army Terminal

Owner: Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation

Location: Brooklyn. NY

Construction Cost : $6 million

Size: Two 750kvA UPS Modules per Power Path in a 2N System Topology

Date Completed: 9/2017

Jacob Feinberg Katz & Michaeli Consulting Group was retained by the Depository Trust Clearing Company (DTCC) to perform a phased retrofit of the current Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) data center infrastructure within the Brooklyn Army Terminal.  The existing system is comprised of legacy equipment in a 2N configuration (A&B system).

JFK&M designed the new system 2N redundant system with an infrastructure support redundancy level of Tier IV. The two new parallel UPS systems replaced the existing UPS A & B I/O Switchgear. The existing critical load was transformed from the existing UPS systems to the new systems with a series of live cutovers.  All testing and design tasks were developed around this requirement.

JFK&M also provided commissioning services for the UPS system. Tasks included the following:

  • Modular UPS functional testing.
  • UPS system functional testing.
  • Limited batteries run down test.
  • 12 hour system burn in.
  • Developed all required methods of procedure and testing documentation.
  • Created commissioning punch list following items through to resolution.
  • Created report summarizing all tests and testing results.