Brooklyn Public Library, Sunset Park Branch

Client: Brooklyn Public Library

Architect: Mitchell Giurgola Architects LLP

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Size: 20,775 SF

Date Completed: Est. 2023

JFK&M is providing full MEP/FP design for Brooklyn Public Library Sunset Park Branch library as part of new development with 49 affordable housing units. With 21,000 square feet, the new Sunset Park branch expands the footprint of the original location and is the result of BPL engaging over 350 individuals to participate in a long public input process. This included collecting 195 surveys from library patrons and staff, holding 13 stakeholder meetings, four focus groups and two large public workshops in four languages. The project delivers to the community’s most outspoken needs, designing a space that is full of books, with distinct areas for the various patrons, including young children, teens, adults, plenty of reading space, breakout rooms for collaborative activities, open, airy, and inspiring spaces to study or research.

The MEP/FP design incorporates up-to-date technological infrastructure and ADA accessibility on three levels, including the fit-out of a community room with flexible furniture, projectors and two projection screens, and powered reading tables with Wi-Fi. A VRF system provides the right amount of heating and cooling needed for current conditions. This allows the system to run less frequently and at lower capacity than standard HVAC systems, reducing energy usage by 30 to 40 pct.  The project is designed to LEED Silver Criteria and is under construction.